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Powder insense

Powder insense

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When offering prayers to the goddess Isis.
When you want to do love magic or deepen your family's love.
When doing scrying or fortune-telling with Sowin's Cauldron.
・Full Moon Ritual
For full moon ceremonies and full moon prayers.
Used to drive away illness, restore mental and physical health, and perform healing magic.
It is effective when burned during fortune telling. Especially when you want to get an oracle or when you especially need intuition.
If you burn it when praying at an altar or before praying, the place will be purified.
It is effective to burn it when meditating or telling fortunes.
Incense of the name of Apollo, used when praying to Apollo.
This is Capricorn Incense.
It is an incense of Mercury.
Incense of Libra.
Jupiter incense.
This is Sagittarius Incense.
Taurus incense.
It is effective for praying to cure bad habits.
It can be used for purifying the place and any kind of purification.
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